Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Pink, the way to a girl's heart?

Hot on the heels of Carlsberg Eve, comes the launch of Carnaby Brown, another brand that seems to think ladies will buy anything as long as it's pink.....oh please *claps hands together with girlish abandon* can I have a straw in mine, that would be just SO fabulous!!

Carnaby Brown promises to plug a gap in the market for a women wanting a drink that is as refreshing and has the low ABV of cider but with the sophisticated image of wine. It's a 5.5% ABV drink made from perry blended with white and Muscat grapes (they are calling it “lightly sparkling fruit wine”) and is available in white and rosé in 75cl Bordeaux-style wine bottles.

Carnaby Brown is the brainchild of one Aisling Young who claims "it’s fruity, it’s pink, it’s girly, it’s fun…" and that it's been developed after talking to women all over the country - I'd be intrigued to know which women exactly, I can only assume they were ambushing ladies in Bargain Booze as they reached for the Lambrini if this is the outcome. 

Maybe I don't get it because I'm not target market (bitter, who me???) - it seems they are after 20 to 30-year-old women who want a sociable drink they can share with friends.

Ummmm, hello........I have this idea...... it's called beer, the most sociable drink there is. As well as the most refreshing and with a lower ABV to boot, I know which I'd rather choose. 


Barm said...

I've been laughing at this all day. It's so desperately, desperately bad.

At least when Babycham came out real sparkling wine was something most people had only ever seen in films and almost completely inaccessible. It had a justification at the time.

This stuff looks like the bottles in the supermarket you pick up because they look like wine and are cheap, then put down again when you realise it's not actually wine. The logo is like something off the cover of a 1980s romance novel. Who is really going to buy this? I think you're totally right about the poor souls reaching for the Lambrini, desperately wanting to be sophisticated but not having the first idea what it is. I can't see it launching at the same price point as Lambrini, so it's going to be competing against the infinitely classier brands of real wine on the same shelf.

I'll stick to Babycham — at least that has a bit of retro credibility to it. Carnaby Brown has nothing, nothing, nothing.

Barm said...

I could have a cheap dig on the grounds that Coors' new clear beer for the ladies might not put you in the strongest position to criticise other companies' patronising marketing, but I won't ;)

Kristy said...

Ha ha - I wondered how I'd got away with that for so long!!

I don't believe we're at all patronising, I do believe the beer industry ignoring 50% of people is wrong and I feel very proud to be part of a team looking to address that in a thoughtful, considered way that has understanding what women really want at the heart of it's work!!

Barm said...

All the women you spoke to said "We really want a clear lager in bottles because we're scared of getting our drinks spiked and we aren't ready to drink something as full flavoured as Carling yet", did they? Really?

Aisling said...

Hi Barm and Kirsty,
Aisling here. Now that I've picked myself up off the floor and wiped my tears away, thought I'd say hello...Kirsty, I'm Irish, I like beer (and wine, and gin.....even whiskey - no, I don't have a problem!) and I agree with you, beer is the obvious option for a sociable, and sessionable drink. The funny thing isin England, as you well know, many girls don't like drinking beer....I watch lots of girls out drinking cider (Kopparberg/ Magners Pear) and lots of them ordering bottles of rose and white lemonade and mixing them (to sweeten and dilute). Cool if you guys don't like the idea/ the pack / the product, but the girls I talked to in London (where the idea began), Manchester, Newcastle and Liverpool all said they'd love something along these lines, and I worked with them to create a drink that is what it is -unpretentious (I hope?), straightforward, obviously english rather than pretending to be "continental". It's not for beer drinkers, it's not for sophisticated wine's a fruity & refreshing drink in a format that most girls I know (who don't like beer) are comfortable ordering. It's not for everyone, it's not for you, it's certainly not pretending to be for connoisseurs - it's just from little old me and my chats all over England.
Barm - I know you really hate it, and I respect that...but I'm happy to send you a bottle of each for you to try on any friends (male or female) who drink cider/ fruity tasting drinks...? You're right, Babycham was fab - still think someone should revive that brand, but that's another days work.

OK, Kirsty's beer-lady, so know who I am, I know you hate my drink, do I get to know anything more about you?! Let me know if you fancy two bottles, I'll send them on.

Yours humbled and humbly,