Saturday, 13 March 2010

Pub Tokens

I spied on TV this morning a new advert courtesy of Pub Tokens. The ad itself won't win any awards (not even the worst ad, that spot is owned by the dreadful We Buy Any Car) but I do think they have a great product which makes up for the lack of ad creativity.

The Pub Token is a gift token that can be redemmed against food and drink in pubs and already they have Greene King, JW Lees, Shepherd Neame, Daniel Thwaites and Young's on board. I'm all for it, anything that ecourages people back down their local pub can only be a good thing and it's good that they already seem to have a good National spread of pubs taking part already.
You can buy them online in multples of £10 or £20. If Santa or the birthday fairy start listening this early I already have more assorted bath products than I have cupboard space and I do love a trip to the pub, I'd be delighted to get these as a present.


Anonymous said...

Do you have to spend them all at once? If so, they're no good to someone who just wants the occasional couple of pints at his local.

Kristy said...

That's a good question - on their website it's not clear and I'm guessing it's at the pub's discretion

4. These terms and conditions apply in addition to those shown on the reverse of all Pub Tokens including: Pub Tokens cannot be exchanged for cash; the issuer regrets that lost, stolen or damaged vouchers cannot be refunded; pubs reserve the right not to accept damaged or defaced vouchers and Pub Tokens may only be exchanged for goods or services of a value equal to or higher than the face value provided that any difference in price is paid. said...

Good blog.

Cooking Lager said...

I've just thought of a fantastic form of token you can spend anywhere, on anything. It's called cash.