Sunday, 28 February 2010

Paris Hilton at it again..........

Awhile ago I wrote about the Brazilian beer Devassa  and their choice to hire Paris Hilton as an 'ambassador' for their brand. 

 Devassa, which means sexy in Portuguese,  features a scantily clad lady with come to bed eyes on all of it's packaging so it's no surprise that they have produced an advert that features the aforementioned Ms Hilton writhing provocatively against a window whilst rubbing herself all over with a can of beer.   

Now I'm no prude but it does really bother me that beer ads continue to treat women as sex objects, which in turn stops women choosing to drink beer. And this time it seems I'm not alone as the advert has created a lot of conroversy in Brazil with a government official for women's affairs calling for the ad to be taken off air due to its sexist undertones.

"It's an ad that devalues women - in particular, blonde women. The problem with the ad isn't a lack of clothing, but its sensual nature," said a spokesperson.
So what do you think, are people being over sensitive or should the ad be banned?


Cooking Lager said...

Yeh all that, but the Hilton is filth. I'd buy any beer she promoted.

Kristy said...

I always had you pegged as a new man Cookie ;o)

Cooking Lager said...

You've got to be these days Kristy, if you want to pull and hang on to a bird. Bird's don't stand for sexism these days, mores the pity.

Mike said...

I do have to say that I am getting sick of this type of ad as well. It is consistently an image thing that people are trying to sell. The whole, drink this beer and you'll be sexy or the life of the party is such a shame, but mindless sheep continue to follow it.

I know sex sells, but if that is the case, there should be something a bit more scandalist than this garbage. Paris is stupid, which is why she is in a Brazilian commercial. Everyone still thinks she is queen in America. Guess they haven't heard of the Milk'o'holic Lindsay.

Great post and points!

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