Monday, 15 February 2010

Not all coverage is good coverage..................

Paris Hilton
It's a long proven marketing strategy that celebrity endorsement is a great way of raising awareness for your brand launch (look what George Foreman did for healthy grills) but this latest tie up is proof that you need to pick your celebs very carefully - not all coverage is good coverage afterall. 

The always stylish, Paris Hilton has been spotted out in Rio de Janeiro cavorting on all fours as the face of a new brand of beer she is supposed to be an ambassador for. Heatworld went with the delightful headline "Look how PISSED Paris Hilton is" The beer in question that Paris has been paid far too much to promote is a Brazillian beer called Devassa,  which means sexy in Portuguese (how classy), and features a scantily clad lady with come to bed eyes on all of it's packaging so no doubt they are delighted with the thong baring antics of Ms Hilton and the coverage it's generated for them. 

My hunch is that I'm not target market for this particular brand of beer, good job since the antics of Paris have left me cold. The Devassa website and packaging is just another perfect example of the sexist way women can be portrayed in beer adverts and it's shocking in this day and age. Why any alcohol brand would choose as it's figurehead someone with a jail term for drink driving under their belt (not to mention the sex tapes) is beyond me but it strikes me that their marketing team is a lot of long haired, paunchy men in too tight jeans fast approaching a midlife crisis if they think this celebrity endorsment is a good idea.

I may have mentioned (once or twice) my work for BitterSweet Partnership, launched because the beer industry is renowned for ignoring (or patronizing completely) women. Whilst there are a lot of women that do love beer, our research showed that 8 out of 10 women seldom or rarely drink beer. 42% of the women polled said that changing beer advertising (and for me that means cheap marketing stunts like this too) is one of the biggest things that could be done to make it more appealing to them, looking at something like this makes it obvious that's a change that can't come soon enough!!!


Woolpack Dave said...

ummm, yeah. I tend to be a little sceptical about the feminist cry sometimes put out by beer women. Please forgive me, I'm a bloke who finds it hard to suppress his chauvinistic tendencies.

But in this case just look at the Devassa web site, that is just crass. Even this porn tolerant bag of testosterone thinks it is patronising to my male psyche.

Cooking Lager said...

Say what you like about Paris Hilton, but the girl is filth and certainly a lass I'd be happy to neck a few louts with.