Sunday, 7 February 2010

A light surprise................

This week saw me play a wine drinking, man eating lush (it took a long time to get into character) at our national conference and after a fantastic day we were treated to a 9 course beer and food matching extravaganza. Not only has it given me 9 things to blog about, it also uncovered some interesting surprises - the first with Coors Light.

For me Coors Light is my Pinot Grigrio of beers, it's deliciously refreshing, bright and crisp with a completely clean finish. Perfect for a lunch with the girls, a summer afternoon bbq or that quick after work drink when you want a non challenging taste that you know you'll enjoy but when the occasion is more important than the drink so you just need to know it's a good choice without too much thinking when you get to the bar.

So I enjoy a Coors Light but when it comes to food matching it's quite a way down in the list of beers I'd pick so I was more than pleasantly surprised when one of the big hits of the night was Sweet & Sour Coors Light Battered Tiger Prawns. What you often don't realise about Coors Light is that hiding under the crisp refreshment is a lot of fruit character that the sweetness of the Ketcap Manis brings to life. And the beer does a superb job of cleansing the palate inbetween each mouthfull so that you can really taste the subtle combination of seafood and freshly popped corn in the batter - om nom nom.

A real surprise for me this one and a lesson that it's not just great big hoppy beers that are a perfect food match. Coors Light is great for enhancing the flavour of light foods, fish, chicken maybe even some fruit, give it a try.

Sweet & Sour Coors Light Battered Tiger Prawns


10 Large Tiger Prawns
1 Bottle Coors Light
300g Plain Flour
Salt & Pepper


Butterfly the prawns. Add flour to the beer to make a batter and season with salt and pepper. Toss prawns in some flour and then batter and deep fry in hot oil for 2 - 3 minutes until golden. Serve on a bed of crisp salad leaves and drizzle with a ketcap manis. Accompany with a sweet and sour sauce.


debbie_pm said...

Totally agree. Coors Light is not high on my list of preferred beers, but I was blown away by how well this combination worked. I’ll definitely give Coors Light another chance now & will even have a crack at butter-flying prawns (maybe!)

Kristy said...

Maybe we could make it a team effort - am happy to provide the beer if you butterfly the prawns ;o)