Friday, 8 January 2010


This week my fellow beerswappers and I were lucky enough to be sent a bottle of Adnams Tally-Ho (thanks to @SeanEClarke) so I thought I'd break with recent tradition and actually put some beer inside my body insead of all over it!!

Tally-Ho is a 7.2% ABV is a limited edition barley wine style beer that Adnams have been brewing each year in October since 1880 as a perfect Christmas beer. I think that's a great description for it as it's a lot like a glassful of Christmas pudding.

The smell is malty sweet, like rich, sticky fruit loaf and this comes through strongly in the taste as well as burnt tofffee and a hint of liquorice. You can taste the alcohol too, not in a bad way, it's just really warming and comforting, perfect for a cold day. I didn't find it overly bitter either, which I had expected, but there is such a lot of front end sweetness I think it balances well.

My hunch is that, like all good Christmas puddings, this beer gets better with age and if I'd had the restraint I'd put one away for next year. I also think it makes for a great food match, in fact Melissa Cole has posted a recipe match for a Fruit Cake, served with Wensleydale, that sounds fab, wish I'd seen it before I drank the beer!!

If you've more self discipline than me why not buy some and put it away for next Christmas, Santa is bound to leave you a little extra something if you put this out for him.

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