Sunday, 17 January 2010

Someone at the Daily Mail must be having an off day............

After a week of alcohol bashing from the press it makes a refreshing change to see an image of a pint of beer being used in a way that I don't feel the need to complain about!

Today's Daily Mail has run a story that beer could be the latest hope in the war against cancer. Researchers at the German Cancer Research Centre in Heidelberg have discovered that beer contains a powerful molecule that helps protect against breast and prostate cancers and obviously the puritans at the Daily Mail are having an off day and this positive news story about beer slipped through the net.

Enjoy it while it lasts, I'm sure normal service will resume tomorrow.


Mike said...

I ended up seeing this on Beer Tap TV yesterday as well. They went through and discussed all the medical mumbo jumbo associated with it but from what I gathered, something in hops can bond with chemicals or proteins associated with creating cancer cells. The bond prevents this growth from happening. Of course, I'm not medical dude, I just like drinking and making the stuff.

What I'm starting to understand though is that I need to drink beer and wine every night to stay healthy. Sounds good to me!

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Kristy said...

I think if The Daily Mail is to be believed then drinking is fine, just don't try and look like you're enjoying it ;o)