Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Reasons to be beerful...................

Recently Tandleman blogged about how the increase in reality based entertainment shows like Strictly Come Dancing and the X Factor are reducing weekend pub trade. He makes a fair point and I'll admit that I'm guilty of being wedded to the sofa and a carry out on a Saturday night but with the BBPA reporting that pubs are closing at the rate of 52 a week then 2010 needs to be the year that we get off our bums and support our local.

And if ever you needed an excuse to head down the pub and blow the froth of a couple of pints it comes in the shape of Popstar to Opera Star. A shockingly bad concept where 'pop performers' like Kym Marsh, Darius Danesh and Bernie Nolan will be trained and ‘mentored’ to sing opera arias. The show asks the question "Can eight singers from the world of pop transform their voices and master the art of opera?" I think we can all answer that one for them..........

Whoever commissioned this bilge for a primetime slot should be hanged or maybe applauded given that this has to be the programme that bursts the reality TV bubble and gets us all back down the pub at the weekend!!

But it's January and everyone is detoxing, dieting and generally denying themselves of anything nice so is just crap TV going to get people supporting their local? Maybe not on it's own so why not think about some of the benefits of popping out for a beer............
  • A Spanish study found that regularly drinking alcohol of any type could cut the risk of heart disease by almost a third
  • A 330ml bottle of beer a day reduces the risk of kidney stones by 40%
  • Beer contains no fat or cholesterol and is rich in B vitamins
  • A study from the Netherlands showed less risk of Alzheimers disease for beer drinkers.
  • Hops used in brewing contain phytoestrogens, which help prevent bone loss and reduce the risk of osteoporosis
  • Teetotalers suffer higher levels of depression than people that regularly have a drink
  • One litre of beer contains 10% of the daily requirement for protein
  • And finally,  beer has less calories than you think - less than all other alcoholic drinks in fact. Which is why celebrities are unashamedly reaching for the beer this January.

If drinking beer this January is going to get me looking like Rhianna in a swimsuit then mine is most definitely a pint!!


Tandleman said...

Nice post and good to see you supporting the pub.

Bloggers for Pubs? It could work.

gill_edwards said...

January is miserable enough without giving up drinking, and I think your reasons strengthen the case even more!