Saturday, 2 January 2010

The hills are alive.......

......with the sounds of the press giving beer a hard time again unjustly with The Telegraph, The Express and of course the Daily Mail all reporting on the Wetherspoons January sale.

As it happens, I think that this type of promotion is irresponsible - it doesn't build the right level of respect for alcohol and for beer will reinforce the idea that beer is nothing but a cheap commodity, it certainly wont help get more people in the beer category.

That said though what really pisses me off is that all of the papers have led with versions of  "99p pint responsible for binge drinking Britain"........are you joking?

The actual beer in question at 99p is Greene King Ruddles, obviously the scourge of society and the reason behind our binge drinking problem - I don't think so. What they omit to mention in such detail is what price vodka and gin and wine will be at, the staple fodder for those people drinking to excess and giving the rest of the population a bad name.

You only have to look at these pictures from today's Sun and 2 things spring to mind. 1. their mothers must be SO proud and 2. you could serve Greene King Ruddles at 1p per pint and they still aren't drinking it but large vodka redbulls, £3 bottles of wine from the supermarket before they go out, dirt cheap vodka and they are lapping it up.

Perhaps not such a catchy headline though........................

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