Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Guilty Secrets........

We've all got them, those pubs we know we shouldn't like, we know they're not very cool and that we'd never take our friends there, but somehow we can't help liking them.

Mine is The Avenue Hotel in down town Leamington Spa, on the "other side" of the river,  shock horror,  where I have been told they have *lowers voice to a hushed tone* council houses........ Such is the snobbery of Leamington Spa there is a divide between the top of town and the bottom of town and this pub being on the wrong side of the tracks means it's not somewhere a girl about town like myself should be seen to frequent.

But The Avenue is notable for a couple of reasons. Firstly it's the only pub I've ever been barred from. Not for any embarrasing, lurid drunken reason (no need to look so surprised), in fact I was barred before I'd ever even stepped foot in there for refusing to let the landlords wife and her friends into the bar I ran at the time  for being too fat. Well he assumed it was because they were fat, which maybe says more about him than me, it was actually because they were common as muck, think Sandra and Tracey from Viz but without their class and dress sense, and we were a style bar don't you know. But that was many years ago and either the wife has been on a diet and a Gok Wan makeover, or the pub has chased hands so it seems I'm safe to go back in again.

But more importantly The Avenue is a secret pleasure because it is next to Jorge's drama club and that means if the god of the M6 is smiling my way then I can get back in just enough to time to pop in and enjoy a "sneaky pint". I don't think I'm alone in thinking that out of all the pints you might have the "sneaky pint" is without doubt always the best tasting. The one that you know you're not really supposed to have, the quick one after work when you've promised to come straight home, the afternoon one when a meeting's cancelled and you really should go straight back to the office or for me the one I can squeeze in when I should be being a responsible parent and can find 10 minutes to be just a bit naughty - the "sneaky pint" is brilliant.


Cooking Lager said...

For me a crafty pint occurs on a Saturday afternoon shopping expedition. Explaining to the squeeze that I need to do some man shopping and it would bore her we arrange to meet an hour later. A copy of the torygraph, a packet of mints and off to a quiet geeky ale house populated by many examples of Viz’s Real Ale Twats for an eye wateringly expensive £3+ Weissbier. A traitor to the cooking lager cause. Upon receiving a text it’s a mint then off for my main job of the day, carrying bags of what appear to be shoes to the car. I prefer to think of it as knowing the enemy than betraying cooking lager.

Kristy said...

Fortunately The Avenue serve a cracking pint of Carling so at least I can feel loyal. However I do file the odd Chablis, occasional G&T and several ill advised Jaegerbombs under 'knowing the enemy'