Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Because I'm worth it.......

Over at BitterSweet this month we are trying to give women reason's to love beer. For me that's easy, there are tons of beers that taste divine and it's less alcohol and less calories than other drinks, what's not to love.

But as I've mentioned before, not all women love beer as much as I do which is why BitterSweet want to show that beer is so much more than just a pint down the pub. There’s a whole side to beer you might not know about, for instance it's fantastic for food pairing - more versatile and easier to match than wine. But that's not what I'm lucky enough to be trying, no, I'm "lucky" enough to be finding out just how useful beer is a beauty product.

So hot on the heals of the less than successful beer facepack (I still have a slight orange tinge but think I've just about got all of the sweet potato out of my ears) tonight I'm having a beer bath. Sound crazy, apparently not, beer it seems is good for the skin
"Add dark beer to your bath to improve the quality and lustre of your skin. Beer can exfoliate the skin without the harsh abrasion, strengthening it along the way"

Two things about this worry me. Firstly I don't like baths (what's relaxing about sitting in your own dirt) and secondly I'm a bit of a product snob when it comes to skin care. That aside I can hardly wait, never let it be said I don't suffer for my art! The good news is that beer is made from all natural ingredients so there's no way it can do any harm and it may just do good but I the only way I can do it is to have the best, and the best has to be a bottle of the legendary Worthington White Shield (I can almost hear Steve Wellington sobbing into his mash tun at the very thought).

If you've never been lucky enough to try Worthington White Shield it is a king amongst beers, with lots of big herbal hops and flavours of  liquorice, bananas and toffee. It's big, full and warming with lots of spice and a long balancing bitterness, just perfect for these cold nights but does bathing in it measure up to drinking it?

Under normal circumstances White Shield smells delicious, all spiced fruits and marmalade but these aren't normal circumstances - tonight my bath smells like a week old slop tray in a back street WMC and looks like someone has wee'd in it.

And once I'm in the bath I'm not sure what to do - do I just lie in it and let it do it's "magic" and exfoliate me? Do I need soap? A flannel? I have no idea so I mostly just sit there, holding my nose, waiting for it to be over.

But just as I'm despairing at the mess I've got myself into the strangest thing happens, just like the beer itself, the character of my bath starts to change and suddenly I'm enveloped by a delicious, warm, sweet, malty horlicks smell that is so comforting and relaxing I can hardly keep my eyes open and I could have stayed in it for ever.

When I eventually get out my skin does feel really soft and I don't smell like a half empty beer glass ( I got Jorge to check) so maybe, just maybe beer baths could be the way forward. If you can get past the initial smell (and it does linger in the bathroom afterwards) it was a surprisingly enjoyable experience and with nothing but natural ingredients I'm guessing suitable for most skins types (I'm no doctor though so go carefully!!)

There are few greater pleasures in life than a Worthington White Shield (you can buy yourself some here) and a wedge of Colston Bassett Stilton (or ginger biscuits) but maybe if it's not for you try it in your bath!!

Next time beer shampoo............


Debbie_pm said...

Looks as though you've started a

Your photo is much more glamerous though!

Kristy said...

Ha ha - it could catch on, am not sure that Paul Merton would be the new face of beer bubble bath though!!