Sunday, 27 December 2009

Om nom nom, a very nice tea

I have been very poor at blogging of late - not that I haven't tried any new beers worth blogging about, have just been a bit lazy I think,  but it's Christmas, I'm on my jolliebobs so suddenly I have some time!

Tonight's blog is inspired by nothing more than a nice tea ( I think that's often the case) that made me want to make the point that beer and food matching doesn't have to be complicated. All too often it's made out to be some kind of dark art when really it's just about finding a food you like and a beer you like that go well together.

Having read Mark Dredge over at Pencil and Spoon talk about his Fab Pow's, those food and beer matches that come as a complete surpise, I was inspired to take his lead and try a Rochefort 8 with my Spaghetti Bolognese. And he was right, it is an amazing pairing. Rochefort 8 is a cracking beer, one of the most drinkable beers over 9% I think I've tasted. It is sweet but with enough spice to stop that being overpowering and with a malty, bread taste that makes it a great match for the spag bol (think drinking this instead of having garlic bread).

Inspired by the main course I moved onto desert. Duvel and Bounty Celebrations, for no other reason than that's the beer I had in the fridge and my Jorge thinks coconut is the devil's food.

But she is missing out on a treat (not that I'd actually let her at the Duvel though), this combination is to the mouth what being rubbed with warmed coconut oil on a dessert island is to the tummy and is just delicious. The beer accentuates the richness and creaminess of the coconut, while the coconut highlights the striking flavours of beer. It's like sticking your head in an old-fashioned sweet shop in summertime.Like the Rochefort 8 and Spag Bol, completely unexpected but a divine match.

Just goes to show the best beer matches come when you least expect them

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