Sunday, 27 December 2009

My Golden Pint Awards, some may be more popular than others..........

So everyone's been busy doing their reviews of the year so I thought I'd have a go............................

Best UK Draught Beer: Why Carling of course. Not just because I'm a corporate kiss ass but because if you're in a pub and you want a pint that you know will taste great time after time Carling is where it's at. I know I'll get abuse for it but still I think it's true!

Best UK Bottled Beer: Worthington White Shield followed closely by Thornbridge Halycon

Best Overseas Draught Beer: Sierra Nevada Harvest

Best Overseas Bottled Beer: Zatec (and my favourite beer)

Best Overall Beer: Has to be Zatec, underrated but to me the best

Best UK Brewery: hmmmmm, a tough one for incredibly proud to work for Molson Coors and think we do an amazing job but in terms of independents for me the vote goes to the Purity Brewing Co for producing some immensely drinkable beers.

Best Overseas Brewery: Goose Island. The IPA alone would've done it for me but they do some great seasonals as well.

Pub/Bar of the Year: Blimey, I go to so many I wouldn't know where to start. The Rake obviously gets a mention for its wealth of choice, Smiths of Smithfields for it's Zatec links but probably The North Bar in Leeds comes up No 1 for me.

Beer Festival of the Year: GBBF but I didn't visit nearly enough festivals this year

Supermarket of the Year: Sainsburys, for really embracing and supporting a wide range of beer styles

Independent Retailer of the Year: Does the staff shop in Burton count?? They have an endless supply of White Shield

Online Retailer of the Year: Beermerchants of course ( @beermerchants)

Best Beer Book: Pete Brown’s Hops & Glory (after finishing him off in the bath it had to be)

Best Beer Blog: It has to be Woolpack Dave. Not just for the quality of his writing but for being the first to pick up on BitterSweet and lure me into the world of beer blogging, a place where I'm very glad to be.

Best Beer Twitterer: @beerreviewsandy

Best Online Interactive Brewery: @purityale

Food and Beer Pairing of the Year: Blue Moon and Steamed orange pudding courtesy of the lovely Rupert.
Open Category: Best Beer-Related Thing about 2009 is...: learning that bloggers aren't all short sighted, cardigan wearing, nerds called Nigel

Next Year I’d Most Like To... : Meet in the flesh some of the great people I've met online in 2009 and go to more  beer festivals.


Curmudgeon said...

Sorry, when did Carling ever taste great?

Kristy said...

It's all about personal taste I guess!!

I think Carling not only tastes great but is where I want it when I want it and is consistently good - that makes it the best pint for me.

What about you, what makes your No 1 then?

BeerReviewsAndy said...

Nice one! some great explanations and the best twitterer...well what can i say apart from nice choice and thanks ;o)

Kristy said...

Why thank you!! Maybe you should have had 2 awards what with the split personality and all.....;o)