Thursday, 19 November 2009

Unbreak my heart........

A Spanish study has found that regulalry drinking alcohol of any type could cut the risk of heart disease by almost a third - at least in men anyway.

According to the study those drinking moderate, high and very high levels of alcohol had around a 50% lower risk of coronary heart disease following a study of more than 40,000 adults over ten years.

The optimum result it transpires is for moderate drinkers who drink 5g and 30g of alcohol a day - the equivilent to 0.6 and  3.75 units a day or nearly 4 pints a day of standard lager - where the risk of heart disease was reduced by 54%.

Sounds like good news for alcohol right...wrong apparently and doctors in The Times were quick to heap scorn all over the findings, challenge the methodology and generally dismiss it as piffle ( I suspect there was much furrowing of brow and blowing of cheeks involved) rather than accept that maybe the current guidelines on alcohol consumption may be out of date.

Sad news for me is that the effect on women is unproven but I think I'll have a beer anyway just in case


Curmudgeon said...

Good news - but 3.75 units a day is just under 2 pints of standard lager, not nearly 4.

Kristy said...

How embarrassing - you are of course right, I meant to say nearly 4 half pints obviously........;o)