Thursday, 12 November 2009

The Sun is shining.....

Well who would've thunk....a positive story on the beer category in today's Sun.....blimey!!

So  Ale is in growth which is great news, as Pete Brown (a big Cobra Bite Fan) recently wrote in the Cask Report, Cask Ale is in good growth in 2009, in fact outperforming any other beer with both volume and value growth in 2009 in what is a very tough beer market and this is clearly having a knock on effect to the Ale category as a whole.

Since I work for the country's biggest lager brewer I should probably take the chance to trot out some facts about lager performance (and believe me I have loads) but I won't, because that's not what matters here for me. Not only do we brew some great ales but the important thing here is seeing a positive story about the beer category in the papers, which after a 2 week expose on 'binge Britain' in the same paper makes a very refreshing change from pictures of drunk girls with their knickers round their ankles.

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Cooking Lager said...

I like pictures of drunk girls with their knickers around their ankles. More power to the blue wkd!