Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Pumpkin Beer

Starbucks have got the red cups out, the coke advert must be on the telly anyday soon (holidays are comin') but I'm refusing to accept just how close Christmas is so this year we've tried to prolong the Halloween festivities as much as possible.

So after the annual Pumpkin carving (Jorge did it all by herself for the first time this year, I was relegated to cleaning duties) I was left wondering what culinary delights I could whip up with the pumpkin flesh. Obviously nothing, am more domestic slut than goddess so I put the lot in the bin and decided to try some pumpkin beer instead. 

It seems that the Americans are much more recpetive to Pumpkin Beers than we are and have a much wider range - I found this top 10 list most of which I've never seen but have tried the Shipyard Pumpkinhead Ale  and was very disappointed - more cinnamon than pumpkin and very thin and watery, and with a slight carrot cake aftertaste - I would expect a Pumpkin Ale to be much more full bodied than this and I'm sure there are much better examples to be had. I would love to get my hands on some of our own Blue Moon Pumpkin Ale but sadly we don't have it in the UK (and I'm not sure the expenses policy would allow a round trip just to try some!)

But I'm not one to give up easily and after finding many brew your own recipes (that I should maybe pass on to Cooking now he's gone over to the hairy sandal brigade) I manage to track down some Badger Pumpkin Ale which was surprisingly tasty. Lots of sweet pumpkin flavours mixed with cloves and a nice hint of ginger. Only cristism would be that after all the sweetness it left a surprisingly dry and bitter aftertaste but enjoyable nevertheless. 

I also found this on my Pumpkin Beer search Pumpkin Beer Ice Cream, and it sounds scrummy, although I might  wait until it's ice cream weather before I give it a go......brrrrrrr


Cooking Lager said...

Is the pumpkin added for flavour in this grog or is it form of the fermentable sugars?

When I was a kid, we were too poor for pumpkins. We had turnip lanterns. Or were they swede?

Barry M said...

CL, Turnip or Swede, it's an eternal question!

I made a spiced pumpkin ale for the first time this year. Used about 3kg of the stuff, and got some Germans to join me on brewday so they could witness me spitting on the Reinheitsgebot :D I mashed it with the grains (after roasting it), so it added something to the fermentables. I'm unlikely to ever do it again... (although 50% of Germans tested liked it!)