Sunday, 15 November 2009

Make love not war.........

At the risk of this blog turning into a sycophantic fan site,  Pete Brown wrote a great piece this week on how the beer industry should be working better together (that's not exactly how he described it but I'm too much of a lady to repeat his actual words!) and I couldn't agree more with his sentiment.

Despite recent good news on ale sales the harsh facts are that the beer category has been in general decline since the 1980’s and the short term trend has accelerated over the last 2 years. 52 pubs a week are closing, beer is only found in 5% of supermarket shopping baskets and more than 1 in 5 adults claim never to drink alcohol so we have a LOT of work to do as an industry if we want to reverse this trend.

Something new that's been blogged about recently is myBrewerytap a brand new website that delivers real ale from local breweries direct to your door. To me this is a great idea, anything that makes different types of beer more accessible is a great idea and offering small breweries the opportunity to reach more consumers should be applauded. Their website is good and they obviously know their stuff and have outreached to a number of bloggers (Pencil and Spoon Reluctant Scooper and Pete have all written about them). They also offer the 52 Week Beer Club, a subscription beer club that's a great way of discovering some of the best ale that Britains independent breweries have to offer.

All in all a great offer until I received this email from them.........

We are a brand new website that was launched in September so we are a new face in the real ale market and our goal is to convert younger pub drinkers from fizzy bland " cooking lager" over to flavoursome, lovingly made British real ale by bringing the brewer closer to the customer.

And this for me is the problem. Forgetting that by sending this to me they've obviously not done their research very well, having a pop at lager to sell their wares is tiresome to say the least. In a market were 60% of women don't drink beer EVER, I couldn't care less what gets women into beer, a pint of Carling or a real ale, what matters is we need to get women into the category and out of wine. Let's at least get them in and then we can have a bun fight about what type of beer they should drink, this type of behaviour gives the whole category a bad name.

Putting a pint of dark, chewy Olde Ferret* in front of a woman, watching her struggle to drink it and then telling her why she's wrong will not show that beer should be the most sociable, inclusive drink around.

So myBrewerytap you have a great website and it looks like you offer a good service, stick to doing what you do and doing it well, don't cheapen yourself by having a pop at lager.

*apologies if there is actually a beer called Olde Ferret out there, I'm sure it's lovely I was just trying to make a point


Woolpack Dave said...

Interestingly, the site actually lists some lagers. I suspect thay might even be fizzy and they are bound to be bland compared to Olde Ferret.

Oh, and don't apologise about slagging off the name Olde Ferret. A name like that deservers to be slagged off.

Kristy said...

A quick google search and I think I'm ok although I did learn a ferret is old at 6. Not much of a life considering the amount of time they have to spend down trousers

Barm said...

But they're not having a pop at lager. They're having a pop at crap lager.