Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Cheap Tricks

Hot on the heels of Brewdog's questionable use of totty it seems that the beer industry is not alone when it comes to objectifying women to make a quick buck. PepsiCo has been forced to apologise after it was accused of stereotyping women with an iPhone app for its Amp Energy drink that helped users "score" on a date.

The app features 24 types of women, including "nerd", "foreign exchange student" and "treehugger", and offered possible pickup lines including "Wasn't I in Space Academy with you?" and "You know the Mona Lisa has no eyebrows. I wonder what else she shaves?"

I'm no puritan or a bra burning feminist, I have even been described as having a "bawdy" sense of humour (am still trying to work out if that's a compliment) but seeing this kind of cheap tat from a company that claims "Win with diversity and inclusion" and "respect others and succeed together" immediately begs the question......"seriously, what were you thinking?!"

The drinks business is an incredibly competitive market place and it's increasingly diffixult to come up with creative and innivativce ideas but any idiot could see that this would cause complaints for a bargain basement brand never mind a company on this scale so someone at Pepsico clearly needs an arse kicking.

 Taking of bargain basement brands I also came across this from Skinny Blonde, a low carb 5% beer from Australia that fortunately is yet to grace our shores. They have come up with a marketing campaign straight out of the pages of FHM using thermochromic ink on the bottle label so that 'Daisy's" bikini comes off as you warm up the label......classy.

What really bothers me about this (apart from the blatant sexism obviously) is that it continues to perpetuate the myth that beer is solely the preserve of men (and peurile adolescent ones at that) and not only makes a lot of women cross but alienates them from the beer category. And it makes beer look cheap and dirty - would a wine brand ever do this, or a gin brand - obviously not and while there are beers like this that will it makes it tougher for the rest of the market to show beer in a good light. I have no idea what this beer tastes like but my gut feel is that it's probably not great or they wouldn't have resorted to a low rate stunt like this.

In their defense the people behind Skinny Blonde claim, wait for it...........

"This generation of Aussies have grown up on the beach and topless girls in bikinis are commonplace. The label and website is in no way meant to offend women or anyone else, rather embrace the Australian beach culture."

Lets hope that it never makes it over here, I don't remember seeing too many 6 foot, blonde women topless on the beach during my childhood holidays in Canvey Island. Mind you if they swapped Daisy for some of the women on the beach there we'd certainly be seeing more beer served ice cold............


Barm said...

Submit that to , Jeff Pickthall's new site dedicated to naming and shaming the juvenile, sexist, puerile and downright crap in the world of beer.

Although that's mild compared to some of the stuff there already.

Kristy said...

Jeez - there's nothing that sells beer faster than a sexy squirrel in a negligee.......crap indeed

Cooking Lager said...

Don't know why, this reminded me of Stephen Merchant cracking one off to a pen with a naked woman on, on the TV show extras. Go Figure. Us men are simple creatures. We buy any old tat if it involves naked lasses. Advertisers have long known this.

Kristy said...

Ah Cooking, you're a man of simple needs indeed ;o)

Yes nudity does sell but it's a lazy way of selling and feels outdated to me.