Monday, 9 November 2009

Affligem Blond

I'm slowly working my way through the Belgian Blonde mixed case I recently purchased from the super Beer Merchants contianing 20 bottles of Belgian Blonde beers ( 10 different types) and a fab Beer Merchants glass to drink them from.

I'm a big fan of the idea of a mixed case becuase I think it's a great way to trial new stuff. Whilst I love the idea of new things I can be a bit of a lazy shopper and tend to default to what I know (I've been eating crispy chilli beef from the Chinese for the last 10 years) sometimes rather than be disappointed. So to have someone go to the trouble of picking new beers for me that I wouldn't otherwise try is brilliant (that's why I loved the idea of BeerSwap so much).

My favourie so far is this, Affligem Blond, Abbey beer, 6.8%. It pours a hazy gold (sorry, really must start taking better pictures!) with a tight, white head and straight away you get a lovely spicy smell, cloves, nutmeg, slight hint of cinnamon and a sticky apricot sweetness.

That sweetness is there when you drink it with lovely honey flavours (I'm a sucker for anything with honey in) a hint of banana a very low bitterness.

All in all a very nice, drinkable beer that I'd choose again.

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