Tuesday, 22 September 2009

What You Need to Know About Beer Bellies...

Well firstly you need to know they're not caused by beer alone, which this article actually does tell you despite the amount of times it uses the term beer bellies!!

It's not exactly rocket science, eating too much, drinking too much and exercising too little makes you fat, not beer on it's own. But still over half of women, believe a bottle of beer to have a higher calorie content than a double gin and tonic, a can of cola or even a large glass of wine, which all in fact contain more calories per 100ml than beer. Although beer can have fewer calories than other alcoholic drink choices, the fact is women simply see it as fattening.

So why not eat less, exercise more and then raise a glass of beer to a smaller waistline!!

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Cooking Lager said...

Can you give up food altogether, and all your calories from beer? We need to know. We need the research. Well done for volunteering.