Thursday, 17 September 2009

Stop the press, brewer uses CO2................

It seems that CAMRA have seen fit to ban Freedom Brewery from the Burton Beer Festival because they *shock horror* use CO2 and not compressed air......what a load of nonsense!!
I'm not a CAMRA member but I do think generally they can do some good work promoting beer and pubs. But this kind of small minded behaviour that only serves to perpetuate the myth that beer is the sole preserve of bearded, sandal wearing men called Trevor makes my blood boil!!!
Freedom are, I believe, the only micro brewery in the UK that brew just lager and have a couple of cracking organic lagers. I've seen them a number of times at shows this year, their beers are great and locally produced and it's madness that CAMRA would choose not to support a local brewer like this.

Given the amount of pressure that beer industry faces I would've thought working together to get more drinkers appreciating beer, any beer, is a much better strategy than this elitist behaviour that only serves to do the beer category more harm than good!!


Cooking Lager said...

Your link to the Burton Mail is duff.

I'm neither a CAMRA member nor supporter, but to be fair to the beardy weirdies, they are a campaign group/beer club with their own agenda and view and can do what they like. Free country innit? That view is based on tradition, rather than innovation or even beer appreciation. I doubt they've "banned" anything. They stock beer for their festivals according to a criterion they have used since the 70's of what they consider "real ale". The festivals are about promoting that "real ale", and not products that are not "real ale". That’s what they are campaigning for. It’s not a general beer appreciation campaign.

The most bizarre stuff you find with this are foreign keg products produced as unpasteurized cask specials for CAMRA festivals that are totally inauthentic to the actual product you'd drink in the country of origin. But that’s the beardy weirdies.

Backward it may be, but that’s their campaign and they've been going since I was in nappies. Maybe beer festivals ought not to be the sole preserve of CAMRA? Maybe producer led festivals, like the Oktoberfest, promoting good beer regardless of CO2 can happily sit beside the beardy weirdies?

Kristy said...

Thanks for spotting that - think I've fixed it

As much as it pains me to admit it, I think you might be right.....

There is definitely room for more beer festivals that promote good beer generally, Beer Exposed was a great example of this, some great beers and not a sandal in sight!! Shame there isn't more like that about

Stono said...

well two sides to every story and all that, and sidestepping the usual camra stereotyping :) but camra have always actively discouraged the use of C02 dispensing of beer.

because it likely means the beer has been pasteurised, filtered, has to be served cold, and the C02 is to get the fizz back in the beer and give it a head, all of which does affect the taste. it was breweries increasingly using this process in the 70's with "cask ale" which kick started Camra in the first place.

now none of that means Freedom are banished from ever showcasing their lager at a Camra beer festival, just they cant C02 dispense it, and its ironic in a way that you chose the picture of the bottle for your blog as they could quite easily have just taken along all their lager in bottles instead and sold it that way, which is essentially how lager (because its inevitably C02 dispensed on draught)is sold.

Fwiw I believe Calvors are also a micro brewery out in Suffolk somewhere who also only produce lager...only in bottles though :)