Monday, 21 September 2009

A match accident

I am a huge fan of beer and food matching, I've never really understood why so many people don't think that beer is a great accompaniment to food and more often than not, an easier match than wine.
That said regular beer and food matching takes a level of organisational capability way beyond my domestic (slut) capabilities and usual food matching in my house involves eating whatever's on the plate matched with whatever's in the fridge, often with some disastrous results. But sometimes, just sometimes, and purely by accident you land on something that really works* and for me it was a Grolsch Weizen matched with a Salmon and Prawn Bake, mmmmmmmm.
Grolsch Weizen is a super beer but it's one of those great beers that I often forget about so it's always a pleasant surprise when I rediscover it ( I say rediscover I had a case in the car for someone else and I figured they wouldn't miss one would they?)
This is a classic wheat beer in my opinion, it has a gorgeous spicy aroma with coriander overtones and the merest hint of orange peel. On pouring you get a huge white foamy head and it tastes of melon, muted lemon-lime and banana with a bitter finish and malty aftertaste, a great balance of sweet and sour that makes it very drinkable and very refreshing for a wheat beer.
And with no more thought than having them both in the house at the same time this is a match that worked really, really well. The seafood and cheese sauce matched perfectly with the sweet malt in the beer and the high carbonation was great at really cleansing the palate to make every mouthful of fish pie taste as fresh and flavoursome as the first.
Why not give it a try!
And for the foodies out there I've attached the fish pie recipe too....................

*it's not just me, it happened here too

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