Friday, 28 August 2009

Oh what a night............

Now I know that I am very lucky to have such a great job (what with spending all day talking about beer) but there are sometimes when it exceeds all of my expectations and is just amazing!!

This week I tripped along to the first ever BitterSweet Partnership Garden Party to spend the evening with a whole host of fab celebs celebrating the beauty of beer......what's not to love?!

No I know that currently beer doesn’t have such a great image amongst British women. In fact nearly 8 out of 10 say they hardly ever or never drink beer, which to me feels like a real shame. But lets face it, an over spilling warm pint isn’t the most appealing accessory on a night out, so to see so many beautiful women (and me) enjoying a beer just shows, beer can just as easily be sophisticated and fun – it comes in many shapes and sizes, with often less calories than wine and spirits, and with a lower alcohol content, it can be a sensible drink choice too.

Held at the Rock and Roll Hotel, Mark Fuller's sumptuous Sanctum, celebrity guests came in their droves to help change the image of beer and to try some delicious beer cocktails, all mixed up by the lovely Jez (released from Burton for the night thanks to The Dial). Proving that beer can be very stylish, guests including Kimberley Wyatt from the Pussycat Dolls, TV presenter Jenny Falconer and fashionista Brix Smith Start (I love her!!), were served the Amber Mojito, Summer Breeze and Dutch Sunrise beer cocktails as well as a great range of lovely beers, Kasteel Cru, Blue Moon and Coors Light

Other guests to the Garden Party included Tom Crane, Sinitta, Zoe Salmon, Konnie Huq along with some of the stars from this year’s Strictly Come Dancing.

I had a ball - here's to the next one and more women enjoying a beer as much as we all did!!

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Posted via email from Kristy's Posterous and a celebration of beer in all it's beauty!!

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Kristy said...

In case you wondered, everyone in these pics is drinking beer.....who would've thought