Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Musings of a cab driver........

Just had an 'interesting' debate in the back of a black cab with the driver (although it made a rare change to find a chatty one) on my way to a meeting.

Him, 'Down here working, what is you do luv?'

Me 'I work for a brewery''s often the easiest answer I find, I was only going as far as Piccadilly.

Him 'Really? You don't look like you work for a brewery'

Me 'Why's that then?

Him 'well, normally it's them big butch birds you see drinking beer......'

Now while a shallow part of me was secretly flattered (I have the kind of figure that my mother kindly describes as 'generous') it does irritate me that so many people's views of beer drinkers are still stuck in the 1950's.

As a woman who drinks beer, I get so fed up of the stereotypical view that all lady beer drinkers must favour a comfortable shoe or misspelt tattoos. Beer can be an incredibly sophisticated choice and is drunk my many a feminine, attractive lady, it's time some people updated their views

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