Saturday, 22 August 2009

It's Friday, fancy a beer cocktail?

How can you improve on beer, the nations favourite drink (we drink over 26 million pints a day in the UK!)? Well, it’s a tough call, but here at BitterSweet (with the help of Jez from The Dial) we thought we'd have a tryJust like other cocktails beer cocktails involve the blending of beer with other beer and other ingredients, simple really!!

Now we reckon that some of you will have tried a simple beer cocktail - the chances are you may have tried the more basic varieties like Lager and Lime (lager with a dash of lime), which goes down well on a hot day, and Snakebite and Black (half beer, half cider with a dash of blackcurrant) or Shandy is a simple one (half lemonade, half beer).

But we know that a pint of Shandy is not a stylish accessory on a Saturday night out so we wanted to try something a little different and little more sophisticated and created a some beer cocktails that we think you might like at .Take a look and give them a try.....though not all at once

And you can see how the lovely Jez mixes them up too




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